CA-DP, Directional Acoustic Sensor

We developed the CA-DP, Directional Acoustic Sensor, specifically and optimized for the Impulse Excitation Technique and Sonelastic® Systems. It operates with the 20 Hz-96 kHz frequency range.

CA-DP (Directional Acoustic Sensor) mounted on the Sturdy Tripod.
CA-DP (Directional Acoustic Sensor) mounted on the Sturdy Tripod.

The CA-DP has a 3.5 mm TRS connector compatible with most audio inputs of sound cards and computers.

Technical specifications:

  • Transducer element: Custom electret.
  • Frequency range: From 20 Hz to 96 kHz.
  • Sensibility: -36 ± 4 dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa).
  • Directivity: Unidirectional (-12 dB in 180° and 1 kHz).
  • Signal-noise ratio (S/N): 60 dBA.
  • Connector: 3.5 mm TRS.

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Sonelastic® Systems are modular and customizable instruments for fast, precise and non-destructive elastic moduli and damping characterization of materials using the Impulse Excitation Technique.