Impulse devices

IED, Automatic Electromagnetic Impulse Device IED

The Automatic Electromagnetic Impulse Device (IED) comprises a digital driver electronics and electromagnetic actuators. This accessory allows automatic measurements and ensures the reproducibility of the impulse excitation.

IED, Automatic Electromagnetic Impulse Device.
IED, Automatic Electromagnetic Impulse Device (Installation and Operation Manual)

By using the IED it is possible to control the impulse excitation energy applied to the sample under test. The excitation reproducibility is particularly important for the characterization of materials with cracks and micro-cracks, because the amplitude of excitation can influence the result as a result of non-linearities.

The IED has two operating modes: remote and manual. In remote mode, the control is made by the Sonelastic® software, via USB; in manual mode, the control is via a potentiometer triggered via a push-button.

Manual Impulse Devices

Sonelastic® Systems also have manual impulse devices engineered to excite the samples without self-excitation which would interfere with the sample acoustic response. Their impact tip is made of stainless steel and the body of a low elastic moduli and high damping coefficient polymer.

Medium, light and extra light Manual Impulse Devices
Medium, light and extra light Manual Impulse Devices

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IED Manual

IED Manual

IED is a mechatronic device for automatic impulse excitation.

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Sonelastic® Catalog

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Sonelastic® Systems are modular and customizable instruments for fast, precise and non-destructive elastic moduli and damping characterization of materials using the Impulse Excitation Technique.