Metals and alloys elastic moduli characterization

Sonelastic® Systems is a fast and non-destructive solution with excellent cost-benefit ratio for elastic moduli characterization of metals and alloys, at room and high temperatures. The elastic moduli characterization of metallic materials is essential to finite element analyses (FEA) accuracy.

Metallic samples ready to be tested
Metallic samples ready to be tested by Sonelastic® Systems.

The Impulse Excitation Technique applied by Sonelastic® Systems is the most practical and accurate solution for the non-destructive characterization of elastic moduli and damping. Both characterizations reveal information about the presence and evolution of defects, dislocations and the microstructure of metallic materials.


Sonelastic® Systems characterize the elastic moduli and damping of metallic materials at room temperature and as a function of time and temperature. Sonelastic® main applications for these materials are:
  • - Refine finite element analyses (FEA)
  • - Defects detection and quality control.
  • - Study of the microstructure influence on the elastic properties.
  • - Evaluation of defects (dislocations, grain boundaries and phase).
  • - Monitoring and projecting of tempering processes.
  • - Study of fatigue processes.
  • - Corrections of creeping tests results.
  • - Study of degradation processes by thermochemical treatments and weathering.

The elastic moduli characterization using the Sonelastic Systems improve finite element analysis (FEA) accuracy.

Sonelastic® Systems applications examples


Elastic moduli characterization of metal powder parts.


Analysis of cast iron and shape-memory alloys.

FATEC Sertãozinho

Elastic moduli characterization of steels.


Elastic moduli characterization of metal powder sintered materials.

DIMM/UPV (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)

Elastic moduli characterization of metal powder sintered materials for biomedical applications.


Characterization of materials for finite element analysis (FEA) of automotive components.

Publications employing the Sonelastic® Systems

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Sonelastic® Systems are modular and customizable instruments for fast, precise and non-destructive elastic moduli and damping characterization of materials using the Impulse Excitation Technique.