Concretes, cementitious materials and rocks modulus of elasticity characterization

Sonelastic® Systems is a fast and non-destructive solution with excellent cost-benefit ratio for modulus of elasticity characterization of concretes, cementitious materials and rocks, including precast concrete. The Sonelastic® Systems employ the Impulse Excitation Technique in accordance with ASTM C215 and provides highly reproducible and accurate results.

Concrete and rock samples
Sonelastic® for midsize samples, characterizing a concrete cylinder in flexional vibration mode.

The Impulse Excitation Technique is a practical solution for the simultaneous and non-destructive characterization of elastic moduli (E, G and Poisson's Ratio) and damping of concrete, cementitious materials and rocks, both at room temperature and under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature. The modulus of elasticity characterized by the Sonelastic® Systems is dynamic and allows estimating the quasi-static modulus of elasticity (See the Technical-Scientific Informative Estimation of the static modulus of elasticity of concrete using the Impulse Excitation Technique). The characterization of elastic moduli and damping reveals information about the presence and evolution of defects, cracks and micro-cracks, and about the curing processes. It is also possible to obtain the planar and shear sound speeds on the material.


Sonelastic® Systems have a wide range of applications for concretes and cementitious materials:
  • - Quality assurance.
  • - Curing and drying processes monitoring.
  • - Study of damage by mechanical stress and fatigue.
  • - Study of degradation processes by thermochemical treatments and weathering.
  • - Refining finite element analyses (FEA).
Concrete sample on the SA-BC adjustable support
Concrete sample of 300 mm x 150 mm on the SA-BC adjustable support for bars and cylinders with accessories.

Rocks and minerals

Sonelastic® Systems characterize the elastic moduli and damping of rocks and minerals at room temperature and as function of time and temperature. The Sonelastic® main applications for rocks and minerals:
  • - Classification.
  • - Quality control.
  • - Evaluation of thermochemical damage.
  • - Characterization of mechanical properties for drilling and milling optimization in mining process.

Sonelastic® Systems applications examples

PhD Engenharia

Characterization of the dynamic modulus of elasticity for the quality control and engineering module estimation.

SET/EESC /USP (Departamento de Engenharia de Estruturas)

Modulus of elasticity characterization for the development of concretes.


Improvement and quality control of cementitious composites.


Modulus of elasticity characterization for the refinement of Finite Element Analysis.


Development of concrete and mortars for hydroelectric dams with local aggregates.


Study of concrete modulus of elasticity variation at high temperatures simulating fire conditions.

Yamana Brasil

Rocks characterization for mining process optimization.


Development and characterization of concrete and sustainable materials.

Centro Nacional de Pesquisa em Energia e Materiais

Inspection of reinforced concrete blocks used to support the light ring of the Sirius project.

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Concretes modulus of elasticity characterization

Concretes White Paper

This white paper presents the theory and proposal of a methodology for the non-destructive elastic moduli characterization of concretes using the Impulse Excitation Technique.

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